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  1. The cancellation of the contract must be made in writing and accepted by Allied Sheds. Upon cancellation of the contract any cost or expenses incurred by Allied Sheds up to date of cancellation acceptance shall be paid by the Purchaser within seven (7) days of cancellation acceptance.
  2. The purchaser acknowledges that it is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that the site is accessible to a semi-trailer, Allied Sheds does not accept any cost or consequential expenses to the purchaser for the damage to access paths/roads and the like.
  3. This contract is prepared SITE UNSEEN from information supplied by the purchaser. Any additional costs associated with the delivery of the product may be charged to the purchaser.
  4. While every endeavour will be made, no guarantee will be given by Allied Sheds to deliver materials on the day nominated (which is given, as an estimate only). No responsibility will be accepted by Allied Sheds for any cost of consequential expenses to the Purchaser arising from delays in respect of the supply of goods sold.
  5. The purchaser acknowledges that Allied Sheds will not be liable for damages caused by late delivery or failure to to deliver the goods if such late delivery or failure to deliver arises from causes over which Allied Sheds has no control.
  6. Payment for purchases is to be paid in full no later than eight (8) days prior to delivery.
  7. Allied Sheds remains the owner of all materials supplied until payment of the total contract value has been made in full by the purchaser not withstanding the possession of the materials may have been given to the purchaser. In the event of non payment of the total contract value by the purchaser, Allied Sheds is authorised by the purchase to enter the site and remove the materials delivered.
  8. Any claim for damaged materials or short supply of materials must be made in writing within seven(7) days of collection or delivery of the same.
  9. Allied Sheds require either you or an authorised person to be present to sign off on the receipt of the goods. Upon delivery, the driver will cross check the components against the delivery docket (if no one is home to verify the delivery process you are deemed to have accepted the building kit and all of its fittings as being in good condition.)

Side Note:

It is of benefit to you to be present for delivery of your product. A shed is an expensive investment and being present may help identify any problems faster ensuring any issues get resolved quickly.