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If you are looking to find the ideal flat pack shed, at a cheaper cost than a site built shed, then Allied Sheds are the best choice. Allied Sheds are Australia's leading provider of structural steel flat pack sheds, If you need the right shed consisting of the correct measurements, design and engineering expertise for your Shed, consider requesting a customised plan and quote from Allied Sheds.

Allieds range of flat pack sheds includes:

Open Front Sheds:

Protect your machinery and equipment while maintaining flexibility with this robust and accessible design. With a range of applications including machinery sheds, hay sheds and equestrian arenas, the open front shed design can fulfill a range of needs

Open End Sheds:

Featuring incredible clearance, our range of open end sheds are perfect for storing and protecting machinery, farming tools, equipment, feed and produce. The most common uses for this shed design are as a machinery shed and as a hay shed, but these high clearance sheds can be used for whatever you need.

Open Both End Sheds:

Sometimes known as ‘tunnel sheds’, this product allows front and rear entry, offering versatility and great accessibility. This is ideal for both hay storage as a hay shed, and as a machinery shed for keeping your machinery protected.

Fully Enclosed Sheds:

Combining functionality with security, our fully enclosed sheds with roller doors offer peace of mind alongside superior storage. This shed is ideal as a fertiliser or grain shed for storing this product safely and securely, or as a workshop shed for your tools and equipment. Additionally it can be custom designed as a aircraft hangar to house your aircraft.

Custom Designed Plan and Quote

Allieds’ team of planning specialists will advise on the best custom solutions and alternatives for your Shed. Not only ensuring council compliance, the Allied team are well educated on new and upcoming regulations and standards across Australia.  

Allied Sheds ship to every postcode in Australia and our sheds are made from hot dip galvanised structural steel not the cheaper and weaker c-purlin. As a result our sheds stand up to even the toughest weather conditions. With easy DIY installation and shipping Australia wide, there is no question that Allied Sheds offer the best value for money kit barns and farm sheds in Australia.

To give us a better understanding of what you need please upload any details or plans you currently have for your shed. Or if you are still unsure feel free to use our shed builder tool to work out the size shed you need. Once our team have a thorough understanding of your requirements by using all the materials uploaded, our team can determine costings for an Official Council Standard detailed plan along with a detailed quote for your ideal Shed. 

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