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Are flat pack sheds good quality?

Choosing a subpar flat pack shed can wreak havoc on your money, time and effort.

Owning and running a farm is hard work. Though you may be aware of the multiple benefits of possessing a farm shed, you also have to weigh up your spending against the overhead costs of fuel, electricity, maintenance to your machinery, technological upgrades to the equipment, storage of grain and hay, and all the other expenses that come with managing your property.

Major advantages of having a farm shed

There are many undeniable advantages of having a farm shed that:

  • Offers a protected home to your machinery from the elements.
  • Provides storage for perishables.
  • Reduces depreciation of your machinery.
  • Keeps your hay shed in pristine condition and increases ROI.
  • Lets you work on your airseeder undercover.
  • Keeps your cows cool and calm - cooler cows produce more milk and are easier to work with when not heat stressed.
  • Stores the bulk fertiliser you buy at discounted rates.

You may decide to start out building a farm shed solo. This might be out of necessity and sometimes it’s what you really want. Blame it on today’s economy - we understand that for people with limited budgets, every penny counts. But over time, you might begin to seek a support person or service. Then you may need to stretch your dollars further. This might tempt you to hire a shed company (that claims to offer cheap end-to-end services) out of the whole bunch of providers out there. Nevertheless, you still want your shed to be durable as well as cost effective.

What you should know before hiring a farm shed service provider? 

Here are a few aspects to consider before you hire your shed service provider.

  • Make sure your shed is engineered to meet Australian engineering standards and isn’t some cheap, inferior import. These shoddy sheds need far too many repairs and replacements for them to be a cost effective solutions.
  • Installing a second-rate shed can also be dangerous, should the shed fall down due to bad weather because it wasn’t engineered for Australia’s harsh elements. You’re not really saving any money if you have to fork-out for repairs all the time!

Sitting in the comfort of your home, you can build your virtual flat pack shed in a few clicks. Surprised? Yes, our customers have been doing it for years now, using our online system. Save money and time,  you can browse through a catalog of designs and sizes and tailor these to your exact farm shed needs.

Allied Sheds offer a 15-year warranty on your shed build. Many imported products won’t offer any warranty at all. So when it comes to choosing your shed, we recommend you ask the right questions before taking the plunge. Start by contacting the shed specialists at Allied Sheds. We’ve been manufacturing structural steel sheds for over 35 years and can offer you knowledge and experience that money can’t buy!

Contact the team at Allied Shedsto discuss your flat pack shed requirements.

If you’d like to discuss your build with one of our shed specialists, give our friendly Customer Service team a call on 1300 910 353.


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