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Straight from the horse’s mouth – why invest in an equestrian arena?

Building an indoor arena is the ultimate dream for equestrian businesses and creates an opportunity to generate income year-round.

When it comes to investments for your equestrian business or hobby, they don’t come much bigger than an indoor riding arena.

For most riders, an indoor space to ride, handle horses and have lessons on your own property represents the pinnacle of equestrian investment and is the realisation of a long-held dream.

Companies and individuals who make this dream a reality benefit enormously, for the following reasons:

Ride, handle horses and give lessons at any time, in any weather

The secure environment an indoor arena creates pays dividends in creating opportunities to ride day and night, year-round. This means clients can go ahead with their lessons and competitions whatever the weather. The serious equestrian competitor never has to miss a training session due to poor weather, short winter days or rain-damaged riding surfaces.

They can get a financial return on their investment

Businesses can turn their investment into an income generator by hiring the space out for competitions, coaching and private use. Because an indoor arena can be used in the evenings and during inclement weather, it provides a significant opportunity to generate income year-round.

An indoor arena increases your property value

An indoor arena is highly sought-after by the equestrian community. When the time comes to sell your property, an indoor arena will add significant value to your space. It also sets your property apart from others, due to the prestige and rarity associated with a beautifully-constructed indoor riding arena.

Protect expensive infrastructure and create a safe environment

Arena surfaces are expensive and it is critically important to create a stable, even and forgiving surface to prevent injury to both horse and rider. Creating and maintaining the perfect riding surface is much easier in an indoor arena environment as the surface is not subjected to harsh rain, wind and sun; all of which erode the surface and compromise its safety. The greater choice of premium surfaces that can be utilized in an indoor arena provide professional equestrian athletes and coaches with surfaces that maximize their performance.

A great space for families, students and spectators

One of the great joys of equestrian sport is getting the whole family involved. An indoor arena creates a lovely environment for spectators and many people who invest in an indoor arena install seating galleries so parents can come along and watch lessons and students can observe their coaches at work.

Building your own indoor arena is the ultimate dream for horse lovers. At Allied Sheds, we want to work with you to make this dream a reality.

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