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3 Simple Ways To Maintain Your Shed

If you take a little extra time for proper maintenance, you can easily add a few more years to the life of your shed

Many people make the mistake of assuming that any building will last forever, with no maintenance whatsoever. You’ve invested a lot of time, effort and money in building your shed. Obviously, you would want it to last a long time. Since most sheds are built outdoors, exposure to harsh environmental conditions is almost inevitable. If you take out a little extra time for proper maintenance, you can easily add a few more years to the life of your shed.

Here are the three easy ways you can maintain your shed.

1) Keep your shed clean

Cleaning the exterior and interior of your shed is vital to keep your shed looking its best and lasting longer too. This means periodical sweeping, power washing of concrete floors, decluttering the shed and organisation of tools and other equipment, tidying up the chemical spills, etc., are all required for keeping it clean and saving money in the end. Plastic storage boxes are the best bet.

Sometimes even the cleanest of sheds are infested with vermin and rodents. You can place traps around your shed to prevent the mice from invading your shed space in the first place. Get rid of any food or water supplies you may have stored away in your shed. Make sure your plumbing is in good shape, as issues here offer a breeding ground for insects and rodents. Keep all grass and vegetation trimmed around your shed.

2) Inspect your shed and make regular repairs

To add longevity to your shed, you need to inspect your shed regularly and carry out regular repairs too. Check for leaky seals in walls or windows and holes in the roof. Replace any damaged windows with clear acrylic sheet.

Make sure to clean away any debris that may have accumulated after storm and remove any peeling paint or rust. Since rust can collect over time or metal can dent, we recommend you get these damages repaired as soon as you notice. Once done with the repairs, apply sealants and rust neutralisers. You can waterproof your shed as well to prevent moisture from seeping through the roof. You can also apply high-quality primers and get the area repainted.

3) Clean out door tracks and gutters

Blocked gutters can divert heavy rainwater and end up flooding your shed. This can cost you heavy losses of fixtures, fittings and production time. Make sure the ground is level and then pull out your ladder to check your guttering carefully. If you notice grit collected in your guttering and roof tiles losing their granules, it’s a sign that the roof is nearing its end. Refix the sagging or loose gutters. After de-clogging the gutters, sweep them thoroughly.

At Allied Sheds we provide you with sheds that are coated in hot dip galvanised steel, which can last in excess of 50 years, protecting your shed from corrosive elements. These sheds need minimal maintenance.

If you’d like to discuss the maintenance of your shed with one of our shed specialists, give our friendly Customer Service team a call on 1300 910 353.


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